TitleClose API

The TitleClose® Vendor REST API provides you with a powerful, convenient, and simple Web Services API for interacting with TitleClose®. The Vendor REST API offers end points to enable service providers to access accurate information about the fees and services offered by TitleClose® vendors.

The general use for the TitleClose® Vendor API is requesting a list of vendors and their fees that meet the requirements included in the request document.

REST API Base URL used for all operations is formatted as follows: https://{server}/restapi/

Getting Started

APISecret Key is a Unique Identifier for each TitleClose® Vendor REST API integration. It is used (and required) for all API calls to any TitleClose® service. Having an APISecret Key lets TitleClose® track each API call from all integrations, and helps provide both an additional layer of security and helps TitleClose® support our partners.

APISecret Key is REQUIRED for all integrations, and if you want to move to Production (make calls to api.titleclose.com) you also must be certified and get that APISecret Key authorized by TitleClose® for production.

All APISecret Keys are used for development first, and as a result, they are all managed (and requested) through your contact at TitleClose®. If you need to contact a representative of TitleClose® for assistance with an APISecret Key please call 1-855-265-3765.

After you have developed your integration using your Demo APISecret Key, you must get a APISecret Key certified before moving to production. In order to become certified, work with your contact at TitleClose® to ensure smooth deployment and movement into the production environment.